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Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

These are the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment (“Terms”) for the provision of education and training services to you, (the enrolling student or  undersigned).


The Course and Services are provided under these Terms by Australian Institute of Workplace Learning Pty Ltd (ABN 36 122 507 108) trading as Central College Online (“CCO”)


The purposes of these Terms are to outline the agreement for the provision of a Course of Study, including training, education and/or assessment (“Course”)


The Student is enrolling in a Course which includes the use of course material in an online or offline fashion and online collaboration tools used to facilitate communication between Students and between Students and CCO, its staff and contractors (“Services”)


Partner Courses

1.   CCO has partnerships with other Registered Training Organisations (RTO) to deliver some Qualifications, in which cases the Qualification Certificates will be awarded by the partner organisation. Details of the partner RTO are available on the course description page on the CCO website.

2.   If you are enrolled in a course or qualification from a partner organization you are bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement.


Accepting the agreement

3.   If you have enrolled on our website, by clicking “I have read, agreed and accept the terms and conditions” you confirm that you have agreed to:

a)   enrol in the Course

b)   abide by these Terms including payment of any applicable fees

c)   allow us to capture the internet protocol address (“IP Address”) of the device that you used to enrol in the Course

d)   use the IP Address to identify you and confirm your acceptance with these Terms

e)   The date you click on “I have read, agreed and accept the terms and conditions” is the Agreement Date

4.   If you have enrolled by other means, your signature will confirm that you have agreed to enrol in the Course and abide by these Terms.

5.   You must maintain a current email address and check it regularly.  You agree that all official communication from CCO will be by email

6.   You will let us know within seven days of any changes to your circumstances including contact details such as address, telephone number, email address, payment method and banking details.

7.   You confirm that you have supplied CCO with information that is accurate and complete

8.   You confirm that you have supplied CCO with suitable information regarding any disabilities or impairments that may impact your ability to do or complete the Course.  You also confirm that you will inform CCO within seven days of any new disability or impairment that happens during your period of enrolment at CCO that may impact your ability to do or complete the Course, if it is reasonable to do so.


Entry Requirements

9.   Entry requirements for CCO and for each course are listed on the website at centralcollegeonline.edu.au.  By enrolling in the Course you agree that you fulfil the entry requirements including academic requirements and technical requirements and that you have the technical knowledge to undertake the Course.

10.  Services may be provided by CCO or by authorised contractors or companies as may be determined by CCO from time-to-time.  Such Services are provided for accredited education and training in accordance with the Australian Quality Training Framework or Higher Education Threshold Standards as enforced by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) or the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) from time-to-time (as applicable) and for non-accredited education and training as applicable to acceptable industry standards.

11.  Services outages are normal and may happen from time-to-time. CCO will take reasonable care to ensure a high level of Services availability, however CCO, its staff, agents or contractors will not be held liable for any damage, monetary or otherwise caused by a failure of the Services or any loss of data.  In the unlikely event of an abnormal outage for more than a week the duration of the Course will be extended by the equivalent duration of the outage.  Student agrees that this is the total extent of CCO’s liability for any disruption to the Services.

12.  CCO makes no representation about the time required to answer academic or student support queries.

13.  It is the Student’s responsibility to check to ensure that enrolling in a course at CCO and accessing the Service not break local laws in your jurisdiction. 

14.  Access to the Services may not be available from your jurisdiction, workplace or through your local internet service provider.  It is the Student’s responsibility to ensure that accessing the Services is possible from your jurisdiction and internet service provider.


Course Requirements

15.  It is the Student’s responsibility to ensure that they have suitable course requirements to undertake their Course.  Unless specifically mentioned as a course inclusion, CCO does not provide any such course requirements. CCO will not be held liable for a Student not having or being unable to obtain any course requirements. Course requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Stationery and/or calculator
  • Computer or tablet device with suitable technical requirements – please see /students/policies-and-forms/ for the latest Technical Requirements document
  • Access to the internet of a reasonable speed and with sufficient download and upload capacity remaining
  • Power or batteries
  • Storage devices
  • A suitable location to undertake the Course
  • Other course requirements that a reasonable person would expect would be required to undertake the Course


Fees and Payment

16.  All amounts on our website or in other documents issued by CCO are in Australian Dollars unless otherwise stated.

17.  The maximum duration of your Course is stated on the website.  If you wish to extend your Course you may apply in accordance with the Transfer, Deferment and Extension Policy available at /students/policies-and-forms/

18.  Your fees will be paid on time and any amount owing will be paid by the due date.  Failure to remain financial could impact your Course as we reserve the right to limit access to Services until any fees due are paid.

19.  All fees and charges levied by us and paid by you shall be in accordance with the Fee Payment and Refund Policy available at /students/policies-and-forms/

20.  Any claims made, including, but not limited to claims of industry applicability, accreditation, recognition are valid in the Commonwealth of Australia and may not be valid in your local area if you are outside of the Commonwealth of Australia.


Ownership and Use of Intellectual Property

21.  You will only use the course material and Services for the purpose for which it is intended and for lawful study in a lawful and safe place. 

22.  Unless specified otherwise, copyright for CCO’s course material is vested in CCO and you will not share, copy or store in a retrieval system, except for the purposes of studying the Course, without the express, written permission of the Managing Director of Australian Institute of Workplace Learning Pty Ltd.


Inappropriate Use of the Services

23.  CCO staff and students are entitled to a safe environment, free of harassment, bullying or intimidation.  The Services shall not be used at any time in contravention of CCO’s policies surrounding safe working environments, harassment or sexual harassment.


CCO Policies

24.  By accepting these Terms, you agree to abide by CCO’s policies, as listed at /students/policies-and-forms/  as amended from time-to-time, and include:

25.  Policies may be updated from time-to-time in accordance with existing laws and regulations.

26.  By accepting these Terms, you have read and understood the Student Handbook and the policies it contains, listed at /students/policies-and-forms/student-handbook/ as amended from time-to-time.


Academic Progress and Work Placement

27.  Student must progress and continue to progress through the Course including by studying Course material and completing assignments, group work, examinations and work placements within the allotted time.  At the end of the time, access to the Services will be withdrawn.

28.  If your course contains Structured Workplace Learning (also referred to as a work placement or workplace assessment):

a)   It is your responsibility to identify from either a supplied list of a sites or a site of your choice to undertake the workplace learning and assessment components of your course;

b)   CCO will assess  any such workplace you have identified and made contact with to make sure that it is suitable for your course and the related outcomes;

c)   You may be required to undertake workplace learning and assessments at more than one workplace, depending on the nature of the workplace and the assessment requirements;

d)   You may be required to travel to an appropriate workplace if you are unable to locate an appropriate workplace within your local area; and

e)   CCO may undertake workplace assessments in a range of ways, which may include: completion of a logbook; telephone interviews with you and your supervisor; completion of a workplace assessment portfolio, or the use of other technologies that could be used to help assess your time in the workplace.

29.  In some cases, CCO will undertake workplace assessments at the agreed workplace. In such cases, CCO must be notified in writing fourteen (14) days in advance if you are unable to attend your workplace on the agreed date of assessment. Failure to attend or cancellation within 14 days may result in an administrative fee as outlined in the Schedule of Administrative Fees.

30.  You must complete all mandatory work placements and associated assessments within the Maximum Duration of your course


Jurisdiction and Disputes

31.  Disputes will be handled in accordance with either the Academic Grievance Policy or Non-Academic Grievance Policy, whichever is applicable, available at /students/policies-and-forms/

32.  These Terms and your agreement are conducted under the laws of the State of New South Wales and the Commonwealth of Australia