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Recognition of Prior Learning Policy

Upon enrolment, all students are offered the opportunity to apply for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)


Students that can provide evidence that they have the relevant required skills and knowledge, through previous or current employment or formal study, are able to apply to have the knowledge and skills recognised at the commencement of the training. RPL is acknowledged so that a student will not have to repeat the training that they have already undertaken.

 If RPL is applied for with the purpose of gaining direct entry into a higher level qualification, but the student cannot demonstrate the required competencies, the student will be required to undertake the appropriate lower level qualification.

 Forms of Evidence

There are various forms of evidence that a student can use to demonstrate RPL. Some of the types of evidence may include:

  • Certificates/Qualifications – any certificates/qualifications provided will need to be recent and relevant
  • Academic transcripts
  • Written evidence – resumes, letters of recommendation, samples of work
  • Demonstration and Observation
  • Supervisors/employer report – a letter from the supervisor/employer
  • Detailed Job Descriptions


  1. Prior to enrolment the student is able to access Central College Online’s RPL Policy and Procedure on the Central College Online website.
  2. If the student feels that they may be eligible for RPL, they are able to complete the RPL Application form located on the Central College Online website. Alternatively they are able to contact the Central College Online support team at (02) 8228 6796 or via email at support@centralcollegeonline.edu.au for more information.
  3. The student must then complete the form and email through to support@centralcollegeonline.edu.au  with evidence to support their application.
  4. Students are advised that in order for their RPL application to be assessed they are required to complete the enrolment process on the Central College Online website.
  5. Upon receipt of the form Central College Online will complete their part of the application, with their recommendation and the evidence and forward to the applicable Trainer/Assessor
  6. The student will be notified of the outcome in writing and if applicable will be informed of the appeals process.
  7. The successful units will be updated on the students Training Plan, recorded as RPL in the Student Management System and evidence stored electronically on the server.


  • Request a copy of the RPL guide from Central College Online directly via email support@centralcollegeonline.edu.au or phone on 02 8228 6796
  • You will need to provide your contact details and the course and units of competency for which you are seeking RPL. Central College Online will provide you with the competency unit descriptors.
  • Central College Online will contact you and make an appointment for a phone consultation, if required.
  • During the phone consultation, the student will be guided the RPL process and assisted to review work experience, life history and evidence to identify all areas where RPL may be applicable.
  • The student completes the RPL form/s, collects evidence and submits to Central College Online for assessment.
  • Central College Online will arrange to have the RPL application assessed by a Trainer/Assessor.
  • Central College Online will send you written confirmation of the outcome of your RPL application.
    If you disagree with the decision you are advised to use the Central College Online Complaints and Appeals procedure and/or use external mediation.