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Complaints and Appeals Policy


Central College Online will endeavour to resolve all verbal and/or written complaints and appeals. All complaints and appeals will be approached with an open view and shall be resolved through discussion and conciliation with appropriate personnel. Central College Online is committed to providing a fair and inexpensive complaints and appeals process on the basis of procedural fairness that includes access to an independent external body if necessary.

Central College Online will maintain a company Complaints Register and an Appeals Register which will allow identification and detail of the following issues:

  • Submission date of complaint
  • Nature of complaint/appeal
  • Date/s when cause of complaint occurred
  • Attachments (if applicable)
  • Determined Resolution
  • Date of Resolution
  • If the complaint/appeal has been conveyed by a student/trainee to the relevant State Training Authority.

 Relationship to continuous improvement

Frequently, the complaints and appeals handling process will expose weaknesses in the training and assessment system that can flow into the continuous improvement system as opportunities for improvement.


Central College Online has available on the Central College Online website, a copy of the Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure to all clients and students to access prior to enrolment and throughout their enrolment.

Central College Online shall maintain the enrolment of the complainant during the complaint/appeal process.

Central College Online recommends for students to first try and resolve the complaint/appeal informally by contacting the Central College Online support team at (02) 8228 6796 or via email at support@centralcollegeonline.edu.au.

If the issue is not resolved or the student is unable to discuss with the person involved, the student is entitled to request and complete the Central College Online Complaints and Appeals form in order to formally present his or her case.

The Complaints and Appeals form can be requested from Central College Online by contacting the support team at (02) 8228 6796 or via email at support@centralcollegeonline.edu.au.

The completed form must be returned to the college via email. Central College Online shall acknowledge all complaints and appeals in writing within three business days, advising the client / student of what action shall be taken and the timeframes for this action.

Upon receipt of the form, the handling of the complaint/appeal is to commence within 10 working days of the lodgement of the form and all reasonable measures are taken to finalise the process as soon as practicable. Central College Online will investigate the nature of the complaint/appeal and follow up with the relevant parties.

If a complaint or appeal is associated with assessment results, the staff member, in consultation with the assessor/trainer, reviews the initial assessment and/or identifies alternative assessment methods, and notifies the trainee accordingly.

The person lodging a complaint/appeal is provided with a written statement of the outcome, including details of the reason for the outcome.

Any written complaint/appeal will be documented in the Complaints Register and/or the Appeals Register.

External Complains and Appeals Process

If the complaint/appeal is unable to be resolved following Central College Online’s internal procedure, you may access an appropriate external and independent agent to act as mediator between the parties. Please see details below.

Complaints/appeals are to be handled in the strictest of confidence. No Central College Online representative is to disclose information to any person without the permission of the Central College Online Manager. A decision to release information to third parties can only be made after the student/client has given permission for this to occur.


There are Dispute Resolution Centres throughout Sydney including The Institute of Arbitrators and

Mediator Australia.

 The contact details:

 Tel: (02) 9241 1188

Fax: (02) 9252 2911

Email: nsw.chapter@iama.org.au


*Note:  Costs involved in the mediation process which will be the responsibility of both parties equally.


Students are also able to contact the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) if they are not satisfied with the outcomes of these processes. For more information please visit the ASQA website: http://www.asqa.gov.au/.

 Where a decision or outcome is in favour of the student the RTO shall follow the required action and recommendation from the third party mediator such as ASQA to satisfy the student’s appeal as soon as practicable.


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